Purim in Hebron
The Adloyada parade is happening on the main street of the H2 area of Hebron where most of the population is Palestinian while 3% is Jewish. Most of the stores there are closed since 2003 & the movement of Palestinian people is restricted while the movement of Jewish people is free.

One of the things that have touched me, is the way the Adloyada, the colourful masquerade where kids are dressed as soldiers & princesses carry guns instead of wands, is effecting the Palestinian living in Hebron; the girls coming back from school and cannot get home till the parade passes them, protected by soldiers and policemen for example, while the participants of the parade are drinking themselves into oblivion or "Until one didn't know the other" -that's the meaning of the word Adloyada.

פורים בחברון

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